long island business news real estate, architecture & engineering awards

june 2023

during the summer of 2023, bld architecture, vhb engineering, emtec consulting, jt engineering, and harris beach attorneys were honored with the esteemed top smart growth project award. this was received during the long island business news real estate, architecture, and engineering awards dinner. the award-winning project was for the new construction of the royal blue luxury multi-family development in mineola village. this project seamlessly blended a modern aesthetic with ecological consciousness and stood out among a pool of exceptional candidates.

this recognition served as a crowning achievement for the team’s groundbreaking approach to sustainable development and urban planning. the award not only acknowledged their mastery in architecture and engineering, but also highlighted their commitment to fostering intelligent sustainable growth on long island. this award reflects bld architecture’s position as a pioneer in the industry, shaping the landscape of smart forward-thinking development in the region.